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Paid Survey Tips


Preparation involves a few preliminary processes that will aid in the success of completing surveys.  These processes involve establishing dedicated email, downloading free software, and making a time commitment.  Just follow these simple instructions!

Establish Dedicated Email:  You should set up an email address strictly for survey participation.  This will allow you to keep your survey offers separate from other email and reduce the likelihood of missing any opportunities.  There is no need to pay for an additional email address.  Your internet service providers may offer additional addresses at no extra cost.  Or you can use free email service through providers such as Yahoo, Google, or Hotmail.

– Download RoboForm:  RoboForm is a free software program that will save you time with the registration and survey processes.  This program will save usernames, passwords, and other user specific information so that you will not have to constantly re-enter this information with each survey.  However, RoboForm is only compatible with Windows.  (Note:  You may receive offers from RoboForm to upgrade to a paid version with more features, but this is not a requirement.  You can use the free version for as long as you need.)  You can download RoboForm at

Make a Time Commitment:  The amount of money you make will be based on the quantity and quality of surveys that you choose to participate in.  You may choose as few or as many as you want.  You should plan a reasonable weekly schedule based on both the amount of time you can commit and the amount of money you wish to make.


Registration simply involves providing your application information to the market research companies in our database.  Your paid survey success depends on a few specific factors such as multiple applications, profile building, and survey selection.  These factors are described below.

Multiple Applications: Your success as a paid survey participant directly depends on the number of market research companies you register with.  The more applications you make, the greater the likelihood of selection.  Yes, this will take a lot of work on your part, but this is where the previously recommended RoboForm software can be helpful.  (Instructions for using RoboForm are available upon downloading the product.)

Profile Building:  A very important factor in the registration process is building your “profile”.  Your profile is a compilation of the information you provide when registering with a market research company.  This profile is used to choose survey participants.  It is important that you answer questions honestly and with as much detail as possible.  Many surveys will be very general and will select a wide variety of participants, while others are more specific in profile selection.  While you cannot control what the market researcher is looking for, you can increase your chances of participation with a detailed and honest profile.

Survey Selection:  While it is important to register with many companies, you are not required to participate in every survey offer that follows.  While your earnings are a direct result of the number of surveys you participate in, you should select surveys wisely and complete only the surveys that appeal to you.  For example, if you only want to work for cash, then choose only those surveys.  Some companies may offer payment in forms other than cash, such as products or gift certificates.  Others may offer redeemable points to be used for products or cash.  The choice is yours!


Maintenance is the regularly scheduled attention you give to your new business.  There are certain tasks involved with getting the maximum benefits from your survey participation, such as responsiveness, communication, and expansion.

Responsiveness:  Check your dedicated email daily.  Survey participation offers may be time sensitive and you could miss out on valuable opportunities if you do not regularly check your email.  You must complete and return the surveys on the company’s terms and time schedule.  Also, if you regularly turn down surveys from a company, they may remove you from their list.  To ensure success, be sure to dedicate the time needed to review and respond to a reasonable number of surveys on a regular basis.

Communication:  You need to communicate effectively with the market research companies.  Be sure you complete the surveys to the best of your ability, answering all questions as honestly and detailed as possible.  Some companies will provide a customer service number, which you should make use of if you have any questions.

Expansion:  In order to access the best surveys, you need to expand your application base regularly.  Don’t get settled in to working with just a few companies.  Our database is regularly expanding, and you should constantly look for new survey opportunities.

Just follow these easy steps — preparation, registration, and maintenance – to find success as a market research participant.  Paid surveys can be an easy at home income for anyone willing to put forth a little effort.  I wish you success

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